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The Centeralized Ultrasound Processing Lab - Walter & Associates, LLC

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Welcome to The CUP Lab®

The CUP Lab will be closing at 3PM on Friday, April 29 for an all staff meeting.

The CUP Lab®, is the original UGC approved centralized ultrasound processing lab. Originating from the CUP Lab at Iowa State University we currently provide carcass ultrasound interpretation for progressive beef producers in the United States, Canada, and South America. Rooted in research, we have become the "Gold Standard" for interpretation of carcass traits using ultrasound.

The CUP Lab®, LLC is the largest third-party unbiased interpreter of carcass ultrasound images in the world ensuring customers superior service and the most reliable and accurate ultrasound information available. We have spent years working to improve all aspects of the technology and have become the standard in carcass data collection on live beef cattle. UGC certified field technicians capture images and barn sheet information chute side using The CUP Lab®UICS software which is then transmitted to The CUP Lab®via the internet or postal mail. Once we receive the payload of images and barn sheet information our highly experienced UGC certified lab technicians interpret the ultrasound images. The interpretation data is cross checked before it is combined with the barn sheet information and ultimately reported to our customer. The entire process is accomplished using our exclusive state of the art database program and interpretation software. What used to take weeks now takes hours! Unmatched accuracy, superior service every time!

The lab is managed and directed by people who are dedicated to the future of the livestock industry with a Board of Directors that have a broad spectrum of industry experience which includes professionals from all sectors of livestock and meat production. The CUP Lab®is truly "The Gold Standard" in the ultrasound business. See our brochure at below for more information about ultrasounding, testimonials and software certification results.

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