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Scanning Info

Barnsheets & Paperwork

CORF and Barnsheet Information

  • Complete all of the contact information for the breeder.  If there are multiple breeders in a scan session, please indicate the appropriate contact person for the session.  If there is missing information on the CORF or barnsheets, complete contact information will allow the lab to minimize any delays while processing the data.
  • Complete all of the technician information, including the technology portion of the CORF.  If the images are uploaded into the database with the wrong technology the data will not be accurate and the scan session must be interpreted again.  CAUTION: Technicians with more than one frame grabber OR more than one machine, your data is at the highest risk.
  • Scan and record the animals in the order they move through the chute, by tattoo.  Breed associations always require a tattoo.  If there are any duplicate tattoos, please provide additional information, such as a birth date, to differentiate the two animals. (If the scan session is for a bull test, scanning and recording the animals by test tag is acceptable.)
  • Barnsheets can be requested by the breeder (or bull test station manager) from each breed association.  They come populated with all animal information (tag/tattoo, birth date, registration number, and dam registration number), the breeder needs to specify which animals on the barnsheets were scanned and recorded on the CORF.  The breeder should complete the remaining columns of the barnsheets, including: weight, weight date, scan date, group code (contemporary group), test type, sex, and diet code.
  • The CORF and barnsheets should be submitted to the lab at the same time as the images.  The paperwork can be sent directly from the breeder, but ideally the technician would submit all the information together.

Items to Form a Complete Scan Session

  1. Images (from technician)
  2. CORF (from technician or breeder)
  3. Barnsheets (from technician or breeder) Review the breed requirements to ensure the barnsheets are complete.
  4. Payment (from technician or breeder)

Central Tests

  • The central test or bull test manager must request barnsheets from each breed association for each member number included in the bull test.
  • The technician should scan by test tag to avoid duplicate tattoos

Code Legend for Filling out Barnsheets

Bulls: B
Heifers: C
Steers: S

0: Unknown
1: Roughage or 0% concentrate (pastured animals)
2: < or = to 50% concentrate
3: > 50% concentrate

**Charolais Cattle Diet Codes ONLY
6: Full feed
7: Pasture
8: Intermediate

Group Codes (Contemporary Groups): A, B, C, D...

Test Type:
Bulls: R
Heifers: D
Steers: F
Central Test: C


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