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"The Anatomy of an Acceptable Intramuscular Fat Image" - Mark Henry, President, CUP Lab,LLC

"Statistical Comparison of CUP Lab IMF Models for Different Scanning Systems" - Mark Henry, President, CUP Lab,LLC

"Beef Market Resiliency" - Nevil Speer

"Good Things can Happen When Marbling Leads Selection" - Steve Suther

"By the Numbers" - Stephen Miller, Angus Genetics, Inc.

"Balanced Selection Includes Carcass" - Canadian Simmental Association

"Carcass Merit in the Real World" - Sean McGrath

"How to Identify Superior Genetics: Connealy Angus"

"Cowboy Math" - Sean McGrath

"Evaluation of Beef Carcass Merit with Ultrasound" - Dr. Denny Crews

"Here in the Real Time World" - Sean McGrath

"How to Read a Scan" - Sean McGrath

"Ultra Sound and Not So Sound Investments"

"Understanding the Ultrasound Info Craze" - Patrick Wall

"Ultrasound...Are we Riding the Right Wave" - Patrick Wall

"Using Ultrasound to Predict Body Composition Changes in Steers at 100 and 65 days Before Harvest"

"Wulf Cattle Offers a Value Added System"

Carcass 101

"IMF or Marbling" Volume 1

"The Evolution of Carcass Ultrasound" Volume 2

"Measures of Muscle" Volume 3 

"The Importance of Ultrasound Rump Data" Volume 4

"Ultrasound vs DNA" Volume 5

"Becoming A Carcass Ultrasound Technician" Volume 6

"Use of Ultrasound" Volume 7

"Selection- Is It Genetic Progress or Just Genetic Change" Volume 8

"Selection- Is It Genetic Progress or Just Genetic Change" Volume 9

"Ultrasound Contemporary Groups" Volume 10

"Heterosis of Ultrasound Carcass Traits" Volume 11

"The Value of Carcass Ultrasound in Heifers" Volume 12

"Carcass Ultrasound and DNA Technology" Volume 13

"Ultrasound as a Feedlot Marketing Tool" Volume 14

"Don't Take Your Ultrasound Technician Off Speed-Dial" Volume 15

"Accurate Data Means Dollars in the Pocket" Volume 16

"Working Together to Make Beef Better" Volume 17

"Mary had a Little Lamb" Volume 18

"Ultrasound for the 40 Cow Herd" Volume 19

"Combining Carcass Ultrasound Data and Molecular Breeding" Volume 20

"Ultrasound Matters" Volume 21

"Give the People What They Want" Volume 22

"Bringing Sheep and Goats into the Ultrasound World" Volume 23

"Ultrasound's Roots are Still Strong and Growing" Volume 24

"The Chute-side View" Volume 25

"Q&A Ultrasound and DNA" Volume 26

"You Get What You Pay For" Volume 27

"Catalogue Shopping" Volume 28

"Just Because You Have a Genetic Test, Doesn't Mean You Can Throw Away your Tape Measure" Volume 29

"Keep the Data Coming" Volume 30




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