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Next Day Data Program

Qualifying Technician Requirements

  1. Each scan session must be prepaid or associated  with a credit card on file.
  2. Only complete scan sessions will qualify.  Complete scan sessions include: all images, a completed CORF, accurately filled out barnsheets, and payment in full.
  3. We must receive all scan session materials by  9am central standard time.
  4. Each technician will have a completed participation form on file with the CUP Lab.

Download the Next Day participation form HERE.

When the complete scan session is received from the technician, the data is guaranteed to be sent to the appropriate breed association or returned to the breeder as commercial data by 5pm central standard time, the next day.

Our Next Day Program runs year around!  Whether you are scanning bulls in the winter or a small group of fall calves, Next Day qualifying technicians can offer their breeders this speedy service all year long.

Find your Next Day qualifying technician on our Find A Technician page.


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